#689   1/5 Scale Piper Cub Landing Gear

#689 1/5 Scale Piper Cub Landing Gear

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1/5 Scale Piper Cub Landing Gear (set)

For the Great Planes 80" ARF, Hangar 9 80" ARF, Thunder Tiger 80" ARF, SIG 80" Kit and any other 1/5 Scale Cub's with up to a 5 1/8" Wide Fuselage

Scale Cub Gear, featuring real airplane construction of aircraft steel and includes mounting hardware along with plated pins & screws. This gear features functional rubber bungees, is flexible under hard landings and limits bouncing like aluminum plate gear. Included in the gear is a drilling template for ease of installation and easily adjusts to existing planes. All parts are ready for paint and covering.

{NOTE: This gear will not fit the Goldberg Anniversary Cub Kit or Great Planes 90" Cub Kit}

(Wheels Not Included)
(Scale Cub Wheels are made‘_by Dubro that are available from your local hobby dealer or mail order house)

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