#640HDRSE   105 deg HD Electric Nose Retract Robostrut Ready

#640HDRSE 105 deg HD Electric Nose Retract Robostrut Ready

  • 166.95

105 degree Heavy Duty RoboStrut Ready Rail Mount Nose Retract Mechanism Only (each)

These 635 series heavy duty custom pneumatic retracts are designed for specfic R/C aircraft weighing up to 32 lbs.. These retracts are constructed the same as the standard 630 series retracts with heat treated aluminum alloy frames and trunions, these gear will accomandate a 1/2" dia. RoboStrut or a custom made 5/8_„? dia. 4130 alloy steel tubular RoboStruts. They offer long dependable service for large aircraft flying off grass or paved runways. Powered by a electric actuator, all of these units feature positive up and down locks. Easily adjusted for toe-in with the unique Robart _„ñsplit-lock_„? trunion.

(Electric Control Unit required to operate)

Dimension Drawing