BVM F16 1/6th Scale

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Now you can literally assemble your jet in a few hours. Our team has taken the guesswork out of properly installing, rigging, labeling, and plumbing the complex controls, pneumatic, and fuel systems. Once you open the box, the simple tasks of connecting servo wires to your receiver, and finally mounting your turbine, can be accomplished with minimum time and facilities. The fuselage comes in one piece saving time.

  The construction of this jet is very light and clean. The servos installed in your F-16 are metal geared, high-voltage, brushless servos. They feature excellent torque and holding power with very low dead-band.  Analysis of the aircraft design and hundreds of flights from rough grass and smooth runways by the BVM team, has shown that this will be many jet guy's new weekend “fun” machine. We are certainly enjoying ours.

  Even though it's a Go Fly jet, BVM prepared a 47 page manual that covers every task from "Box to Flight Ready" that guarantees your success with this true-to-scale replica of a modern jet fighter.


Length: 96.5”

Wing Span: 65.5” with Missile Rails

Weight: 30-31lbs Dry

Thrust: 140N Class (31-32lbs)

Fuel Capacity:  3.3L

Smoke Capacity:   2.2 L


Included and Installed Accessories:

Servos, Extensions, Gear Valve, Door Valve, Brake Valve, Sequencer w/ Low pressure failsafe, Navigation and Landing Lights, Light Controller, Fuel tanks, Smoke tanks, Smoke pump,  BVM Air fill Valve, BVM Air Gauge, Air tanks, Scale Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes, Cockpit, Tailpipe, Bypass, and Fuse (shipped one piece).


Aircraft are built to order so check with us at the time for actual price.   $6999.00 Usd at time of publishing


Available in a variety of schemes.  Photos included are a sample