Wing Mfg B-25 Pneumatic Tri-Gear

#WB25 Wing Mfg B-25 Pneumatic Tri-Gear

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Wing Mfg B-25 Mitchell Pneumatic Tri-Gear Retract Set (set)

These 630 series of pneumatic retracts are designed for specfic R/C aircraft weighing up to 24 lbs. These retracts are constructed the same as the standard 630 series retracts with heat treated aluminum alloy frames and trunions, these gear are furnished with either a 7/16_„? or 1/2_„? dia. 4130 alloy steel tubular RoboStruts. They offer long dependable service for large aircraft flying off grass or paved runways. Powered by a 1/2_„? bore triple sealed Robart air cylinder, all of these units feature positive up and down locks.

(Robart Air Control Kit Required‘_‘_ Sold Separately)

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